Navigation & Approach

  • Enter the Savusavy Bay using a waypoint 0.5 NM off Point Passage. A light lies about 50 meters east of the end of the reef  (not always lit and may be gone with a cyclone). 
  • Between J.M. Cousteau Resort and Savusavu Harbour, stay away 0.75 NM off the shore to avoid the buoys (not lighted) of the  pearl farm.
  • You can anchor in the area between the commercial dock and the tip of Nawi Island or you can grab a mooring avec calling a marina on VHF 16..
  • To enter Nakama Creek (Savusavu town), there was a channel marker to leave to your port side but it gone with the latest cyclone. A safe waypoint is S16°46.675' E179°19.75'.
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  • Not less than 48 hours prior to arrival, yachts arriving from overseas need to complete the revised Advance Notice Form C2-C  (download it from ) and emailed it to . It is necessary to attach a scanned photo of your boat and also a copy of the Captain’s passport.
  • On arrival, call Waitui Marina, Copra Shed Marina or Savusavu Marina on VHF16 to get a mooring or a berth on dock if available.
  • Stay on board. The marina will carry the authorities to your vessel.
  • When you are cleared, you can go ashore, get FJD cash on one of ATM in town then proceed to pay charges at Health Quarantine and Biosecurity Authority (see Map ).


  • You can get internet connection from Vodaphone/Valuephone booth or Digicel booth near by the bus stand in town.You need a  Mobile Wifi Router (mostly 4G capable)  or a 3G Modem dongle (USB), a data SIM card and top-up (air-time) which cost typically 25 FJD for 8 GB over a month period.
  • Another solution is to get a data SIM card and air-time of either Vodaphone or Digicel to install in an unlocked smart phone then to connect your computer by enabling the WIFI hotspot built-in the phone.
  • If you don't need an internet connection on board, there are several Internet cafe in town. Check Directory.


Two methods that works for shipment from overseas to Savusavu  :
  • Stuff shipped from a vendor in New Zeland using NZ Post . Shipments are stored at the Savusavu Post Office. Customs have a counter right in the Post Office which is open from 11 AM to 1 PM  to pick-up the packages with an ID and Fiji clearance documents.
  • DHL, fast and reliable but more expensive. Jolene runs the DHL office within the Waitui marina building.

You will use the marina address as shipping address but you will pick-up the package at Post Office or at DHL office. To avoid import taxes, indicate the rotation number provided by customs when you did checked-in the boat in Fiji. Example:
 To: Your Name
 s.v. XXXX, Yacht in Transit, Rotation #AA2016/NNN
 Waitui Marina

 Main Street
 Savusavu - Fiji
 tel (+679) NNN NNNN

Find more services

  • A cruisers' net is run every day excepted Sunday on VHF68 at 08:00. Curly Carswell is the net controller.
  • If you cannot find a service or a product in Savusavu, get a free printed copy of the latest Fiji Shores & Marina at Waitui Marina or Copra Shed Marina. Alternatively you can downloaded a free electronic copy at . This guide includes a directory of services available in Suva, Lautoka, Port Denarau ...

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